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$3995 Full Service Flat Fee Realtors
Started in Springfield Missouri, HouseKey Flat Fee Realty is a full service brokerage with over 100 Million Dollars in local real estate sales in just the last few years, The local Board of Realtors has awarded Housekey Agents with several Awards of Excellence, and HouseKey was named by the Springfield Business Journal in 2020 book of lists in the Top 10. HouseKey Flat Fee Realty is local and Veteran Owned, saving local sellers over 1 Million Dollars in Realtor fees in a few short years.

Save Thousands in Commission!


    How are we different?

    Most Springfield area homeowners end up paying a 6%+ commission to sell their home plus any transaction fees – traditionally 6% is split equally between brokers with 3% staying with the listing agent and 3% goes to the buyer's agent making a total of 6% commission.

    With HouseKey Flat Fee Realty we charge a flat fee starting at $3995.00 for our services and 3% to the buyer's agent, all paid at closing. So, on a $250,000 home sale you would save about 50% or $3500 in listing side commissions!

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    How much will you save?

    *Advertised savings are based upon a 6% commission.

    How are we different?

    Experience a better home selling process and save

    thousands at the same time. Want to start?

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    So, Why do most real estate companies still charge 6% commission?

    We believe agents personal relationships, most people are friends with or related to a Realtor and the 6% norm has been able to survive in real estate because of that relationship; commission is rarely challenged when you deal with friends & family and those you “Trust”, think about it.

    See the Internet has fundamentally changed how people buy and sell their homes. In the old days, the listing agent was an important part of making sure your home was seen by potential buyers: it was expensive and time consuming, they created listing ads when there was no computers, internet or fancy ad programs, distributed them to all the local papers, real estate books, bulletin boards, answered buyers’ questions and managed the whole process. It was a lot of work and they typically charged 6% and have for over 100 years!

    Now, the internet and technology makes it easier and listing sites like Zillow and Trulia and several others have given home buyers easy access to MLS ( Multiple Listing Service ) information about every home on the market. In fact, almost 90% of today’s homebuyers find their new homes using the internet. Therefore the cost for an agent to advertise a home has greatly decreased in time and money, in fact just putting it on the MLS is all agents need to do for marketing, we don’t really use newspapers anymore.

    How can we afford to list your home for a $3995 flat fee?

    The answer is simple. Affordable fair pricing for our services; the better question to ask is with a 6% real estate company how can they charge a 100,000 home seller 6% ( $6,000 ) to sell their home and justify a $300,000 home seller 6% ( $18,000 ) and do the same work?

    Last time I checked $18,000 could buy someone a new car!

    Imagine if a car wash price was based on your cars value.

    A True Full Service Real Estate Company

    Don’t let the cost savings fool you. We are a full-service real estate agency that will manage the entire home selling process from listing to closing. You get everything you would expect from a traditional real estate brokerage except the high price. We are award winning Realtors with excellent reviews and proven performance.

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    HouseKey Flat Fee Realty
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    Cindy Enyart
    Cindy Enyart
    23:45 20 May 21
    Our Realtor, Karen Braun, was FANTASTIC!!!! She was always thinking a step ahead and the process was so smooth AND we Saved over $14,000!!! Thank you Karen for your hard work. Anyone wanting to buy or sell a house, I would definitely give Karen a call.
    Sam Nichols
    Sam Nichols
    22:57 09 Feb 21
    Great communication and execution! I was a little concerned that "Flat Fee" might mean less is included vs. a "conventional" realtor, but I was relieved to hear that this wasn't the case.Our house was listed on MLS, professional (and gorgeous) photos were taken by a photographer (not the realtor), and all negotiations, advice, arrangements with the buyer's agent, etc. were handled for us by HouseKey.We actually got a lot more service working with HouseKey than when we sold our first house through Murney in 2016. Very pleased with the service provided, and we saved around $3500 too!House sold in less than 3 hours, and over asking price. I highly recommend HouseKey.
    Cristy Clan
    Cristy Clan
    03:33 14 Jan 21
    Laura Duckworth is amazing. Her response time is beyond what’s expected. All of our conversations put me at ease and it was as if I was communicating with a dear friend who had our families best interest at heart. If she couldn’t get back to me within the hour she explained how long she’d be away and always got back to me when she said she would. She’s honest and fair and I would highly recommend her to to anyone looking for a top quality agent at a fraction of the cost. She saved us over $8,000 without sacrificing the quality of our representation!
    Jeff G
    Jeff G
    01:39 05 Dec 20
    Wow! Dave at HouseKey did a great job for our daughter. He is professional but also personable. He helped her figure the right price and assisted with the details right up through closing. Concerning one unusual repair job that needed to be done we were at a loss to find who could do it, but Dave knew the right person who quickly did the job well and at a fair price. Dave also showed patience through a couple of particular difficulties in the process of listing and selling. We couldn't have asked for a better experience (We have sold six houses in the past, so we can recognize a good Realtor). P.S. I discourage anyone for going the "for sale by owner" route. It's too much of a risk. You need a professional who really knows what he/she is doing and can make sure everything is done correctly and also work effectively through potential unexpected problems.
    Thomas Wood
    Thomas Wood
    20:08 03 Dec 20
    Our experience is with Brian J. Madison. He is the agent who got us into the house we are in now. I doubt that this house represented a huge payday for Brian. But you would not know that by the way he treated us. He put real time and effort into the deal and worked hard for the money. He set us up with a broker that helped us get the VA Loan. He helped us avoid property the VA wasn't likely to approve, though he might have made more money. It really saved us money by having the inspector approve the only house we submitted. If you plan to use the VA Loan get someone like Brian who knows the score and what he is doing. Every time Brian showed us a house he had to travel at least 50 miles just to get there. If by some miracle if we decide to sell this house, WE WILL CONTACT BRIAN to help us with the Sale and getting into the new house.
    Brice Carruth
    Brice Carruth
    17:05 02 Dec 20
    I have bought and sold many properties and dealt with many Realtors/Realty Companies. David is an excellent example of what a Realtor should be!I found him to be very knowledgeable, professional , helpful and friendly. He seemed to genuinely care about our feelings and what we needed to get from the sale of our house. His advice proved very accurate and helped us to make good choices.The fact that we saved over $13.000.00 over conventional 6% R.E. companies was, of course, a huge savings for us!I would recommend HouseKey Flat Fee Realty to anyone interested in selling their home. If we sell again , I will definitely use HouseKey.
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    05 Our Clients satisfaction is our best reward.

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