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Springfield – Branson real estate market is SATURATED with agents with over 3000 Realtors selling a traditional 6% full service business model; essentially 3000 agents offering the same service and fees under different brands. Imagine if we had 3000 restaurants offering the same food at the same price? How would that work?

Now 3rd party sites like Zillow and are in the brokerage business and coming for their piece of your business as well. Yes, Zillow is now a brokerage in our board and is using OPCITY to be its broker and using our own listings to refer leads back to us at 30%+.

How do you succeed? NAR and your local board isn’t helping the situation, they are fueling the demise of the traditional agent.

How do you differentiate yourself in this market for success? Simple…Be different and offer a value proposition sellers can use to save, and you can use to work smarter and not harder.

What we are?

At the core of HOUSEKEY FLAT FEE REALTY is the belief that agents can earn a great living by providing 5 star service to home buyers and sellers alike. We believe that a brand built in the foundation of fair common-sense pricing for home sellers is what ties our efforts together as agents in the common goal of service excellence. To help us all achieve a better work-life balance and enjoy the things in life that matter most to us.

Why consider HouseKey Flat Fee Realty?

The Business Model: A value proposition seller’s desire over traditional 6% brokers, pricing fairness without greed and service excellence.

Our Service: Always exceed their expectations in Communication, Always open and constant and this is the key to great reviews.

Approachable: We are friends, neighbors and family and we have a value proposition other brands simply will not offer. Everyone likes saving money, IF they know they can without cutting service.

Teamwork: Agents bonded through a brand idea, working together to give the BEST in clients services. This is reflected in our many 5 star reviews.

Success: Results through positive seller experiences. In just a few years we have sold over 100 Million in real estate and saved sellers over 1 million dollars in commissions.

Earnings: Our agents earn more while saving home sellers in commissions.

Longevity: There are those who feel companies like Zillow are transforming the traditional real estate model to their benefit, many brokers are vulnerable to the Zillow invasion into traditional real estate. Are you prepared?

Pick A Plan That Works For You:

  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Desk Fees
  • No Technology Fees
  • No Training Fees
  • No Copier Fees
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Downline with recruiting pressure
  • No Baiting with highly restricted stock plans
  • Opportunities available to open your own HouseKey Flat Fee Realty office ( License the brand and build your own office )

Training Plan

70% Commission Split
First ten training transactions with trainer
Transaction Fee

( Covers Errors & Omissions Insurance and other brokers costs)

$50.00 Mo Office Fee
Includes copy machine use



Associate Plan

85% Split
Experienced Agents
Transaction Fee

(Covers E&O and other broker costs)

$50 Mo Office Fee
Includes copy machine use



100% Plan

$495 Flat Transaction Fee ( No Split you keep 100% )

PLUS you contribute

$495.00 per month to office overhead (Rent, Utilities, Etc)
Includes E&O
Includes copy machine use



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